Fashion Promotion Journal FMP 42

Before I start to design my exhibition ideas, I drew a mind map to show the final outcomes I could design. Then I decide for final outcomes I could hand in press pack, short film, magazine, stickers and postcards after I checking time left. I drew images to show my ideas of exhibition. I want to put the mac and film in the middle, and put the poster above. Then I start to design the logo of the magazine to make stickers. I decided to use the title of the magazine “Girlism”. Based on the main tone of my magazine and my theme, I think it will be better to design the logo in pink color. I tried to make the logo look clear and simple, because the magazine and press pack I want to make will be colorful and girlish enough. At the first time, the layout of my logo and hand draw patterns is too crowded, so the logo is quite small, but after I saw the affect of printing I think I should change the color into brighter color. And the size of the logo should be bigger. Before the press pack design, I did I the research about press pack at first, I looked at the press I think that are interesting. In my press pack design, I intend to use A4 sizes boxes, the color I think will be light blue or white, because I want to put the logo sticker on it. Indie the box I want to put in pink tissue paper or glass paper as in filling. Because the main outcome is the magazine, so the box sonnet need to be too big. Tissue and film paper will be easy to fill in the case. Except this, I want to add some small pieces inside like glitter, because I it is a key element in my project. It is nearly the end of this project, so I did one more secondary research about dazed magazine and wrote annotations on it. Then I checked the bibliography organization.


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