Fashion Promotion Journal FMP 43

After press pack design. I started to make the sample. I used materials I bought online,  stocked and used the layout on the paper to make the case and cover. Then I bought materials like tissue paper,  film paper, and small decor, I put film paper inside the case at first, then Put light and darker tissue paper inside on the film paper. After that I added small pieces of glitter and colorful tissue paper inside. I used another page of film paper as the wrapper over the whole infilling. I cut out one piece of logo sticker and stocked on the wrapper with a pink ribbon. I intend to leave the case as white to see the affect after adding one more logo and hand draw lattern on it. I think it is enough and no need to cover it with other colors because the infilling and magazine is colorful enough. After trying to putting magazine inside, I think it is suitable for a magazine’s press pack.

 While I did poster design online at the same time, on the one side of postercard I used images I took, but on the other side I add th logo of my final outcome. I designed both landscapes and portraits. It will took around 5 days. I think it will arrive before the dead line. I intend to put them inside the press pack as final outcome. For exhibition I may print more postcards as promoting items.


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