Fashion Promotion Journal FMP 44

This week I nearly finished all the outcomes I need to do, since my online postcards do not arrive yet, I tried to print postcards in studio. Except postcards and magazine, I intend to one more booklet to show my idea of the theme by illustrations I draw, so I collected the images I did in my sketchbook. Because I already have A4 A5 and A6 size magazine and booklet, I into do a booklet with smaller than A6 but larger than A6 sizes to make it be not like other outcomes. Most of my illustrations are made my watercolour, I added the makeup design in my sketchbook as well. I used InDesign to design the layout, but because of the special size. I want to make the booklet like a square shape, because I did not show my illustrations and ideas in the magazine before, so I decide to put my drawings inside. But I notice that the tone and brightness of my images are hard to be the same, it  will affect the visual affect go the booklet. I used PhotoShop and tried to adjust images and make them have similar colours and tones.


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