Fashion Promotion Journal FMP 45

During the weekend I finished image editing and layout design.I tied using different types of paper to see the affect, and I put samples in my sketchbook. I meet problems on the sizes of images can not match on on side, it may caused by the images sizes are different when I did layout before printing booklet. I did so adjustment on the layout. I changed the brightness and contrasts of most images to make them look brighter because the quality of printer. The third sample was quite suitable for showing as booklet, but I made mistake on the paper choices, the paper surface was easy to be faded, in case of blurry, I used tracing paper to make cover.Till now, I started to check the things by looking at checklist and see what I need to finish. But I intend to add one more page about my ideas in the front of my sketchbook, because I wanted to show my ideas of the theme clearer. Then I started to think about evaluation writing and adjusting timetable management. It is nearly the dead line so I think it will be better to do organizing work rather than development,


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