Fashion Promotion Journal FMP 46

It is nearly the dead line, I was keeping doing organising and writing work. After writing evaluation, I realised that I should show my ideas about theme in my sketchbook s well, because I think it will make people understand the aim of my project easier. I add one more page and titled “My ideas”, in this page, I mentioned two ideas of this theme, and where are ideas inspired from. Two ideas are inspired from am interview about the photographer I research for this project, Miriam Marlene, and combine with my personal experiences and feelings during girlhood. I also drew patterns and sketches to show my ideas. Two ideas are fantasies and Sweetness of girlhood, the primary photos and drawings I did are based on the ideas. I added one more collage by two different types of film paper. I added small pieces of wood decor on the top which are girlish elements relate to m ideas. At the end of the sketchbook, I sticked the postcard samples in it , it is the evidence of developing. At the end, I intend to take some photos  about my final outcomes, to sgive a clear vision about what does my final outcomes contain.


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