Fashion Promotion Journal FMP 46

It is nearly the dead line, I was keeping doing organising and writing work. After writing evaluation, I realised that I should show my ideas about theme in my sketchbook s well, because I think it will make people understand the aim of my project easier. I add one more page and titled “My ideas”, in this page, I mentioned two ideas of this theme, and where are ideas inspired from. Two ideas are inspired from am interview about the photographer I research for this project, Miriam Marlene, and combine with my personal experiences and feelings during girlhood. I also drew patterns and sketches to show my ideas. Two ideas are fantasies and Sweetness of girlhood, the primary photos and drawings I did are based on the ideas. I added one more collage by two different types of film paper. I added small pieces of wood decor on the top which are girlish elements relate to m ideas. At the end of the sketchbook, I sticked the postcard samples in it , it is the evidence of developing. At the end, I intend to take some photos ¬†about my final outcomes, to sgive a clear vision about what does my final outcomes contain.


Fashion Promotion Journal FMP 45

During the weekend I finished image editing and layout design.I tied using different types of paper to see the affect, and I put samples in my sketchbook. I meet problems on the sizes of images can not match on on side, it may caused by the images sizes are different when I did layout before printing booklet. I did so adjustment on the layout. I changed the brightness and contrasts of most images to make them look brighter because the quality of printer. The third sample was quite suitable for showing as booklet, but I made mistake on the paper choices, the paper surface was easy to be faded, in case of blurry, I used tracing paper to make cover.Till now, I started to check the things by looking at checklist and see what I need to finish. But I intend to add one more page about my ideas in the front of my sketchbook, because I wanted to show my ideas of the theme clearer. Then I started to think about evaluation writing and adjusting timetable management. It is nearly the dead line so I think it will be better to do organizing work rather than development,

Fashion Promotion Journal FMP 44

This week I nearly finished all the outcomes I need to do, since my online postcards do not arrive yet, I tried to print postcards in studio. Except postcards and magazine, I intend to one more booklet to show my idea of the theme by illustrations I draw, so I collected the images I did in my sketchbook. Because I already have A4 A5 and A6 size magazine and booklet, I into do a booklet with smaller than A6 but larger than A6 sizes to make it be not like other outcomes. Most of my illustrations are made my watercolour, I added the makeup design in my sketchbook as well. I used InDesign to design the layout, but because of the special size. I want to make the booklet like a square shape, because I did not show my illustrations and ideas in the magazine before, so I decide to put my drawings inside. But I notice that the tone and brightness of my images are hard to be the same, it  will affect the visual affect go the booklet. I used PhotoShop and tried to adjust images and make them have similar colours and tones.

Fashion Promotion Journal FMP 43

After press pack design. I started to make the sample. I used materials I bought online,  stocked and used the layout on the paper to make the case and cover. Then I bought materials like tissue paper,  film paper, and small decor, I put film paper inside the case at first, then Put light and darker tissue paper inside on the film paper. After that I added small pieces of glitter and colorful tissue paper inside. I used another page of film paper as the wrapper over the whole infilling. I cut out one piece of logo sticker and stocked on the wrapper with a pink ribbon. I intend to leave the case as white to see the affect after adding one more logo and hand draw lattern on it. I think it is enough and no need to cover it with other colors because the infilling and magazine is colorful enough. After trying to putting magazine inside, I think it is suitable for a magazine’s press pack.

 While I did poster design online at the same time, on the one side of postercard I used images I took, but on the other side I add th logo of my final outcome. I designed both landscapes and portraits. It will took around 5 days. I think it will arrive before the dead line. I intend to put them inside the press pack as final outcome. For exhibition I may print more postcards as promoting items.

Fashion Promotion Journal FMP 42

Before I start to design my exhibition ideas, I drew a mind map to show the final outcomes I could design. Then I decide for final outcomes I could hand in press pack, short film, magazine, stickers and postcards after I checking time left. I drew images to show my ideas of exhibition. I want to put the mac and film in the middle, and put the poster above. Then I start to design the logo of the magazine to make stickers. I decided to use the title of the magazine “Girlism”. Based on the main tone of my magazine and my theme, I think it will be better to design the logo in pink color. I tried to make the logo look clear and simple, because the magazine and press pack I want to make will be colorful and girlish enough. At the first time, the layout of my logo and hand draw patterns is too crowded, so the logo is quite small, but after I saw the affect of printing I think I should change the color into brighter color. And the size of the logo should be bigger. Before the press pack design, I did I the research about press pack at first, I looked at the press I think that are interesting. In my press pack design, I intend to use A4 sizes boxes, the color I think will be light blue or white, because I want to put the logo sticker on it. Indie the box I want to put in pink tissue paper or glass paper as in filling. Because the main outcome is the magazine, so the box sonnet need to be too big. Tissue and film paper will be easy to fill in the case. Except this, I want to add some small pieces inside like glitter, because I it is a key element in my project. It is nearly the end of this project, so I did one more secondary research about dazed magazine and wrote annotations on it. Then I checked the bibliography organization.

Fashion Promotion Journal FMP 41 Journal

After I finishing the makeup design and color swatches, I did some product designs. The product I design is T-shirt, because it is could promote my theme. Also, T-shirt is very flexible, I could change the patterns and colors of the design easily. I believe T shirts are more acceptable for young people since my target customers are teenages and girls. I tried 4 designs with different colors and images. After makeup design I drew some illustrations by watercolor to show the affect I intend to have about the makeup ideas. I started to think about my exhibition ideas and what I want to created for the final outcomes. I already got the magazine samples for my project, and I designed poster for my exhibition, I think it will bee better to have some other promoting products like postcards or leaflets. Also, based on my experience about fashion promotion exhibition last year, it will be better to design and make a press pack. I intend to design the press pack and exhibition ideas first, and then start to make my press pack and promoting products.

Fashion Promotion Journal FMP 40

After checking the work I did, I think it will be important to do more primary and secondary research. For secondary research, I research the magazine Girlism and fashion photographer Emily Soto. Girlism magazine is an Asian magazine for Lolita fashion, it is not the style I am looking for, but I really like the title of the magazine and the layout inside. It is also the reason I named my magazine “Girlism” as well. Emily Soto is a fashion photographer, the reason I research her is that she did a lot female  portraits, and the styling and makeup design inside her works are similar to my photography ideas. Some of her photography works used special way to show, like using instax. After that I keep organizing my bibliography. I numbered pages of my sketchbook at first, the I separated my bibliography by the numbers of pages. like for pages 1-2. I checked all the resources and website links. I found out that is is very important to update links, because when I am looking at the bibliography I used to record, some links are not the actual resources. I think the next thing need to do is doing more primary research.