Fashion Promotion Journal FMP 41 Journal

After I finishing the makeup design and color swatches, I did some product designs. The product I design is T-shirt, because it is could promote my theme. Also, T-shirt is very flexible, I could change the patterns and colors of the design easily. I believe T shirts are more acceptable for young people since my target customers are teenages and girls. I tried 4 designs with different colors and images. After makeup design I drew some illustrations by watercolor to show the affect I intend to have about the makeup ideas. I started to think about my exhibition ideas and what I want to created for the final outcomes. I already got the magazine samples for my project, and I designed poster for my exhibition, I think it will bee better to have some other promoting products like postcards or leaflets. Also, based on my experience about fashion promotion exhibition last year, it will be better to design and make a press pack. I intend to design the press pack and exhibition ideas first, and then start to make my press pack and promoting products.


Fashion Promotion Journal FMP 40

After checking the work I did, I think it will be important to do more primary and secondary research. For secondary research, I research the magazine Girlism and fashion photographer Emily Soto. Girlism magazine is an Asian magazine for Lolita fashion, it is not the style I am looking for, but I really like the title of the magazine and the layout inside. It is also the reason I named my magazine “Girlism” as well. Emily Soto is a fashion photographer, the reason I research her is that she did a lot female  portraits, and the styling and makeup design inside her works are similar to my photography ideas. Some of her photography works used special way to show, like using instax. After that I keep organizing my bibliography. I numbered pages of my sketchbook at first, the I separated my bibliography by the numbers of pages. like for pages 1-2. I checked all the resources and website links. I found out that is is very important to update links, because when I am looking at the bibliography I used to record, some links are not the actual resources. I think the next thing need to do is doing more primary research.

Fashion Promotion Journal FMP 39

After poster design, I intend to do more primary research and development part. So I intend to do more fashion illustrations and some makeup, color swatches and product design. I used makeup chart and I used watercolor to draw makeup on the makeup chart. I tried three different colors and added glitter on the eyes. I did one more whole face makeup design as well. The reason I did this part is to show my ideas about makeup design for the photography plan, I did not show my makeup design for photography before,  so I decided I need to fill the blank. 

As far as I know, I still have a long distance to the distinction grade. Because I do not have enough primary and developing sources. Though I organized my photography images already, but it seems I need to look and find more primary resources. My magazines are now in the process of production, I need to wait till 17th May. The reason I printed magazines at the start of May is because the time for printing. For now, I think I need to check sketchbooks and folder and think about what I need to add. 

Fashion Promotion Journal FMP 38

After I finished magazine making, I start to design posters and doing my critical studying. Because there are not so much time for doing sketchbook now, I tried to do more samples one day. Today I tried to finish four samples for posters. I choose the image with model spinning with the dress moving. I think this image shows the energetic and vibrant girlhood. The colors of dress and background are very suitable. The movement of the model shows the texture of the dress I want to show. I tried some different samples to make the poster. At first I added my hand drawing with text” girl” power on the image. I used this hand drawing on my magazine cover as well. Then I tried to overlap two images together to create an interesting effect. After that I tried to make a poster by adding pink frames around the imag. I think now color frame is a quite popular element in recent years. I only add a color rectangle by indesign in the middle of the fourth sample. For showing my themes I added the logo of my magazine on the samples. The next thing I intend to do is adding the process of poster design into my sketchbook.

Contextual Study: Critical Study Main part writing

After finishing the introduction, I start to write the main body of the essay. At first, I wrote the history of girlish fashion in Japan, these information are referenced from a fashion website about Harajuku style introduction, the begin of the girlish is influenced by Western countries, then I researched one essay from Amy Lai on Jtor about Lolita fashion, it mentioned that the rise of girlish fashion relates to the cultures dominant ideologies, the funder of Fruits magazine funder Aoki also said that, “But these girls had made a style that was completely theirs.” So I regraded the rise of girlish style is the result of fighting with Japanese dominant ideologies. But I think there are some other reason relate to this style. I found it interesting when I found one report about the comparison of Seventeen Magazine covers between American and Japan. Because the girlish style could be seen as the result of getting rid of Japanese traditional culture, but at the same time, the culture influence girls’ behaviours and identity of a girl at the same time. “Japanese results is the general emphasis on youthful, non challenging innocence for Japanese girls in Japanese culture. Because Japanese culture revers age, young Japanese are implicitly permitted to act in ways that are distinct from those of older people. Hence, in view of the traditional gender- and age-based role expectations of Japanese society, messages that build girlish rapport are likely to appeal to Japanese girls.”(Maynard, M& Taylor, C. 1999) I also find two images about two Seventeen covers from America and Japan to make comparison. They did have some differences on models, facial expression and poses. After these part, I intend to do some research on the pressure Asian female are facing, not only Japan and other countries.

I intend to look at this style from another aspect, for example, the sexual abstractions in Asia are quite special, I believed the reason of girlish fashion being popular in Asia must have some connections with sex, I intend to do more research on these by looking at interview and essay.

The girlish culture could be seen as a combination of occidental culture and rebellious sprits against current society. The beginning of cute culture relates to the pop culture from Western countries. As the one type of Harajuku style, cute culture and Loli style have lot connections. A key factor is the culture background.  In the 1960s, during the Japanese post-war economic miracle, Japanese having admired the Occidental urban lifestyle and built stylish mansions in Shibuya and Harajuku one after another. This brought a concentrated population, gathering fashionable people together into this area.  Theresa Winge, the author of Undressing and Dressing Loli: A Search for the Identity of the Japanese Lolita mentioned that, “The Lolita subculture occupies a complex place within both Japanese culture and international popular culture. Within Japanese culture, Lolitas occupy a subcultural space where young women and men are empowered by the Lolita aesthetic to present themselves anachronistically in order to escape the trappings of adult life and with it the cultures dominant ideologies.” (Winge, T. 2008)

The subcultures of staying and dressing young may start as the result of mind revolution for young people at the end of the twentieth century, but the growing of cute culture seems to be supported by other factors. The reason relates to the pressure female are facing in current Asian societies. Asian females have large amount of pressure from societies, careers and families. “Single women in China are driven by intense societal pressure to find a mate. In a survey of 32,000 people in 2010 by the All China Women’s Federation, 90 percent of men said that a woman should get married before the age of 27. Those that don’t risk being called sheng nu, or “leftover ladies.” To increase their chances, women are generally taught to be quiet and sweet and look young. Thus, for the post-1980s generation of women, adopting a “cute” and “sweet” style is often perceived as a way to defer the marriage deadline.”(Flaven, G. 2013) In Japan and Korea, women who do not appear in good make up is regarded as lack of manner, disrespectful to others or less capable of coping with life. The essential pressure from others’ judgment push female to feel shameful for their bad outlook. In addition, Teri J. Silvio, an associate research fellow at the Institute of Ethnology in Taipei City-based Academia Sinica, said that: “Others argue that the exaggeration of the cute style expresses dissatisfaction with the rigidity of adult gender roles. Many people in the popular culture industries argue that kawaii style is popular because it is comforting. Girlish objects provide a kind of respite and healing from the competition and struggles of daily life in the contemporary world.”(TAIWAN TODAY. 2013) Overall, dressing in girlish styles is a way to escaping from reality and pressure in societies in Asia.

Fashion Promotion Journal FMP 37

Today I finished magazine making. I change the font from Krungthep to Arial, then I upload the magazine online for printing. After magazine I decide to make posters, I intend to try making some different samples, like layering two images together or using color frame. I chose the image with a rotated movement, because I like the background and the color of this image, it showed the vibrant and energetic of girls. I tried to make some different samples and recorded inside my sketchbook. After that I think it will be a suitable time to do more primary research and organising my bibliography at the same time. Because I can’t not use image from Instgram , Tumblr or Twitter, I need to double check that if I used images from these medias, but I think it will be fine if this media is the artist’s or official website. The next thing I intend to do is label all the secondary images and linked to the bibliography. At the same time, I need to keep updating the contextual study reflection about critical essay.

Fashion Promotion Journal FMP 36

Today I spent whole day on editing and layout my magazine. I make three different types of background images for the makeup page. Two are made by watercolor and one is made by acrylic. After trying these background, I think the one drew by pink watercolor is the most suitable. I label the name and type of the makeup products by the theme I named. Then I almost finished the magazine layout. I need to notice that the  the number of the magazine pages need to be divided by 4 to print a magazine. Then I export the layout on indesign, but I found a problem, the font I used in the magazine can not be exported and uploaded online, it means I need to re changed the font. I intend to rechange it next week, but I will have less time to improve the layout. Because I finished another set of photography shooting, which means I could put in my cover pages and photos inside. I used hand drawing on my cover as well, because after I looking at the wonderland magazine cover, I found out they used a lot funny, cute and hand drawing.