Week 4 reflection Graphic

In this lesson I researched artists Saul Bass , and made a sample by using the elements from them.Compare to the designs from Alan fletcher last week,in his designs colors are darker and simple.The objects in his designs all have a sharp, clear outlines, but in Alan Fletcher’s design the outlines looks blurry.

I think I did not do well about the sample because of the limited time, and the lines are not clear enough.


Week 3 Textile

The theme of this project is ‘a walk through nature’. The problem is to design a range of designs for the interior or fashion market for a textile design company called ‘Design Guild’,and they would like a unique and modern combination inspired by one or more artists.

I have done more than 20 primary drawings so far.I used ink,water colors, markers and pens to draw the natural forms.I drew flowers and leaves most because they  have colorful petals,and with different shapes and flexible lines,and there are many repeated patterns on the flowers.The company ask us to design the patterns for. interior or fashion market,I think flowers are common elements in both interior and fashion market,it would be easier for people to understand the theme.I want to show the theme by applying flowers and leaves in the designs.I also drew feather as well,because I want to use feather  for the symbol of animals in the nature.I think plans and forms for natures can show the theme clearly.


IMG_2645IMG_2646IMG_2647版本 2IMG_2649版本 2IMG_2652副本IMG_2653


Week 3 Reflection

In this lesson we did typography  experiments.We are also looking at the work by Alan Fletcher.I made 2  designs and I think the secondary is more attractive because I think the word are more clear.

I think ink is more suitable for my project because it is related to the paper shop.Also dyes can be used,but the colours might be changed later.

For improving my design,I can us PS to erase some parts I don’t need or adding something.I could try different typeface  and use different backgrounds

Christmas Reflection

In this lesson we did many researchLike primary research and secondary research.I think the most useful research activity is primary research.Because it can show nearby people’s opinions about papers,it would be more reliable than information in the internet.

I think the most interesting research activity is secondary research:Fedrigoni.Because all the primary research I can found answers by asking other people, in this case it’s hard to found what’s the special of this paper.Researching the website can found details about the paper.

I have idea about advertising the paper.In the shop thy can provide the detailed information.Label all the paper types and what are their functions with photos,it will be clear for customers.

Team work made me feel convenient,I learned from the activity:Working in a group needs good organization.

For the project I think I should start doing the design samples and try digital designs.

Graphic record 1st Week


Today, in graphics lesson we looked at a brief. Before the brief we looked at the Creative Diagram first.

What did you learn by looking at the diagram?

The first task was to write a list of 100 questions related to the brief. I found out it hard to write 100 questions in a short time but there were many potential questions.

Write a few of your favorite questions. Why are they useful? What do you like about them?

I think the brief is talking about a new business which needs the help of graphic design to engage people. I don’t think that I wrote any questions about myself.

What did you find out about yourself and your work process?

My favorite question is: “Who are the imaginative papers shop’s main customers?”Because I think if I know the target group clearly, I can use more suitable elements during the  design development.

During the process of experiencing the paper I found the paper that we are used to is mainly white, most of us noticed that paper is soft but sharp, if there is a real papers shop for single sheets of paper,they need to think about the packaging. This exercise can help me find out about the qualities of paper that can be used in graphic design.

For researching the resources about questions, I may use google as secondary research, for primary research I could ask students with questionnaire.